The True Cost of a Mis-Hire

The true cost of a Mis-Hire in relation to even a mid-level Executive, can far outweigh the entire cost of a Recruitment Project! Most people would think – “well it’s just the cost of the salary!” If only it was…..

The estimated cost for the mis-hire of a middle ranking executive ( £75K salary) is as follows:

A great fit for somewhere but not for here

Recruitment Fee – 25% – £75K salary mid-level executive £18,750

Salary £75,000

Potential Bonus (team based 15%) £11,250

Notice Period 6 months £37,500

Cost of repeating the exercise £18750

+ Possible Unfair Dismissal Claim (12 months salary)

+ Demotivation of Team

Estimated Total Cost £161,250

It’s ironic that the application of a reputable, robust and proven Psychometric Assessment Process would add very little to the original cost of the Recruitment Project. Please contact me for further information: Psychometric Assessment is included FREE OF CHARGE, for all Retained Assignments and we have access to the best Assessment Technology available on the market.

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