Arden Laker
Arden Laker

Providing expert guidance on defining and attaining career goals, as well as  advising on the composition and content of CV’s in order to maximise impact when applying for new roles, are all key components of the added value that Arden Laker provides for Candidates. Our wide experience within the aerospace and defence sectors, as well as in other engineering and manufacturing industries, gives us a valuable insight into the qualities and competencies that comprise the added value companies are seeking in recruiting new talent. Our interviewing and assessment processes are highly effective in identifying these criteria in our Candidates and we know where these talents are best placed!

Arden Laker Recruitment

Confidential Assignment Search

Ambitious individuals who wish to take positive action to progress their careers, can be frustrated in by an apparent lack of opportunity that meets their own specific criteria.  In these circumstances we can help in identifying their core skills and capabilities and talking to our extensive range of contacts within the sectors that we service, in order to identify challenging new roles that will give them a boost to their careers.

CV Preparation

There are innumerable opinions as to what makes a good CV, almost as many as how to make a good cup of coffee!  As a general hint we would always advise our Candidates to ensure that they include measurable achievements relating to prior positions they have held.  It’s surprising how many Candidates just describe the duties of various positions they have held and completely forget to include what they have achieved, which is what potential employers always like to see.  When included, these help to constitute an extremely marketable CV.

Interview Training

It’s surprising how may Candidates have never had any formal training for interviews and consequently can be ill-prepared for interviews they are invited to attend. After all the interview can be a very complex process and while the employers often know exactly what they are looking for, Candidates are often unsure as to exactly how to conduct themselves.  We have a lot of expertise to offer in this area and have coached individuals how to make a great impression at their interview, from Graduate positions, up to and including MD and Chief Executive roles. We are always happy to help ambitious individuals, keen to progress their careers, so feel free to contact us if you think we can help.

We do not make a charge for these services!!!
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