Battle for Talent Hotting Up!

180,000 Job Vacancies were open in March 2021 as employment opportunities continue to rise

Although there’s keen competition between Candidates for the top jobs, the Competition between Companies for the best Candidates is even fiercer!

Beginning the Assessment

Around 75% of the Fortune Top 500 US Companies (Fortune Magazine), and 75% of the FTSE Top 100 Companies, use Psychometric Assessment to ensure they recruit the best Candidates to suit their requirements!

Psychometric Assessment tools are designed to confirm that selected Candidates not only have the intellectual capability to meet a company’s requirements; but equally as important they have the required behavioural profile as well.

Instructions for next exercise

The use of psychometric tools in the recruitment process has been extensively proven to be more effective in recruiting high quality Candidates; than relying purely on the long established but sometimes subjective interview process.

If a Candidate has undergone psychometric assessment, the interview can then be much more objective and interspersed with discussion of the outputs from the different assessments.

Crucially, it should not be forgotten that the outputs of psychometric assessment will also be of considerable value to participating Candidates in their Continuing Professional Development and good quality feedback is vital and part of the Duty of Care employers owe to all Participants!

In March 2021

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