Advantages of Psychometric Assessment – Avoid Square Peg in Round Hole!

The Job Market is hotting up! Another generation of Graduates is entering the job market, and Employers hit by Covid, will seek to recruit high quality employees to help restore their fortunes.

Hiring Employers have a choice to make. Stick to interviewing process? (“I think this Candidate will suit our organisation very well”)? In other words, carry on doing what they’ve always done and carry on getting what they’ve always got!’ Rely solely on the interview? Really??

Psychometric Assessment, enables Employer to acquire in-depth understanding of Candidate, utilises an objective recruitment process, reduced time-to-hire, improved Return on Investment, and increased chance of hiring best-fit Candidate.

Why wouldn’t all Employers want this information? Too expensive?

Not so!! A Psychometric Assessment incorporating both Cognitive and Behavioural profiles, costs less than £150.00!!  
Too good to be true? Employers – contact me and I’m happy to demonstrate it to you for nothing!!!

Remember – A mis-hire can cost 235% of the hiring cost or more!

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